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LitRAG Newsletter

LitRAG publish Newsletter regularly. Each issue is filled with interesting articles to provide the update information related to our working projects as well as any other useful information related to literacy.

You can download our Newsletter in PDF format from this below linkage.

  • LitRAG Newsletter as of April 2018
    LitRAG Awards 2018 | Toronto Convention LitRAG News | Bringing Water Projects into Classroom WaSH in Schools: A Collaboration of Education and Water, Hygiene and Sanitation | What is a Literacy Project? | Electronic Devices Block Language Learning | Providing Mental Health, Suicide and Healthcare Audiobooks
  • LitRAG Newsletter as of August 2018
    Rotary Club of Welland, Ontario, Canada began a new penpal program| Literacy Manual for Older Adults | LitRAG Awards 2018 | Literacy in a Box | Why Bother with Manners? | Educate a Girl and Change a Generation
  • LitRAG Newsletter as of February 2018
    The Impact of Myopia on Reading | National Literacy and Numeracy Week | Rotary Foundation Global Grants | Inspiring Literacy Projects | Why is Literacy Important? | Learning Social Skills to Support Literacy Development
  • LitRAG Newsletter as of November 2017
    Guatemala Literacy Project | Zones 33–34 Institute Service Project | A Global Voice for Autism Orlando 2017 | Learning Basic Science Concepts
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