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Example of Best Practice in CLE Training Program

The recent CLE Training of the Trainers Program for new Egyptian Key-personnel in Bangkok, 19-23 May, 2014 under Rotary Lighthouse Literacy project funded by the Government of Egypt, UNESCO and Local Rotary Clubs in Egypt. The training organized and provided by Literacy Rotarian Action Group Committee.

There are 2 groups of key-personnel from Egypt:

  1. From primary schools.
  2. From Adult Literacy, the Ministry of Education.

On the first day training, theoretical concepts of teaching and learning of literacy in details were emphasized along with research-based studies that work.

CLE Teaching Demonstration in actual situations was conducted by the trainer with Thai children at beginner level  as a sampling group using English language as a foreign language in teaching in order to let all trainees understand the communication between the teacher and students. It could also prove that students could learn other language through CLE effectively step by step.

The trainees practiced teaching in different groups of Thai students with their native language (Arabic).

Not very long, the students could speak, read and write Arabic as they could do in English sampling group.

The trainees also learned how to make an effective language tests to evaluate and assess students’ language performance.

As most trainees had done in the past, after the training, the trainees returned to their schools and started CLE teaching program to their own students. For a few years, when the trainees are keen enough, they are expected to volunteer and become the trainers to other in-service teachers in or outside their local areas.

Lighthouse strategies were implemented to make the projects sustainable in schools and in the communities/villages as “Education for All” program in order to make students become literate and help themselves in the future for their own life skills  through their lifelong learning.

CLE was introduced in Cairo Egypt many years ago by Dr. Saowalak Rattanavich as a volunteer supported by rotary international. She applied the teaching experiences from CLE Literacy Project in Thailand. The model of training was developed and implemented effectively elsewhere as the example of the recent training for Egyptian key-personnel. Egypt is another country which is expected to become the CLE lighthouse for other countries using Arabic language.

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