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Ways to recognise great activities in Literacy  

 Literacy Hero Awards 

If you look around, you will find some outstanding people who take time out to do good for others and yet, their stories of goodness remain unsung. They are the Unsung Heroes.  

With a focus on Total Literacy & Quality Education, we wish to present awards to six Literacy Heroes from across India. These are people who swam against the tide to spread the light of knowledge, at times in trying conditions, at times with meagre budget but always with great passion and a will to serve others.  

These are real life heroes who may have sent hundreds of children back to school or saved them from child labour and human traffickers. They are people who may be volunteering to take extra classes for children, teach them art, music or any subject that they are weak in. They might also have spread the joys of education amongst the adult. They are the people who have gone beyond their call of duty, saved every penny of their earnings and set up schools, etc. The examples can be so many. But because they have not received big awards or they are not in the news, we do not know of them. They are the Unsung Literacy Heroes.  

We urge you to look out for such people / organisation and recommend them for the “Literacy Hero Awards”. Cash award of Rs. 1,00,000/- and a citation will be presented to each hero at an event scheduled on March 03 2017  

A panel of jury drawn from diverse illustrious backgrounds will decide on the 5 Literacy Heroes. One popular award will be decided by online voting by Indians on the website, So find the Literacy Heroes and forward the application online to us.  

In case you have any problems sending applying please contact the email address: 


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