What is it the 1BOOK4LIFE program?

1BOOK4LIFE is a monitored distribution system, which provides public school students with reading materials throughout all of Brazil. Students are given books to take home, to read and to share with their families, friends, neighbors and classmates.

These books can change their lives.


The 1BOOK4LIFE team has an online system which tracks and monitors each book transaction that occurs on daily basis. It also measures the impact of each book on each student's life.

Books are donated by businesses, donors and the community in general. They all acknowledge and recognize the impact this program can have on children's lives and social development.

Upon the successful enrollment in the program by each public school, students are individually given the books to take home. The results are the improvement of social skills, personal development and a springboard to future opportunities in the larger world.

Find out more how you can make a difference. Get involved! http://1book4life.com/RC